How do you help to preserve language and cultural history in the digital age?


CLIENTSḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Nation)

PROJECT : Squamish Temixw Multimedia Website


Squamish Nation was looking to create an online platform to inform proponents of the Nation’s engagement process and make it easier for members and stakeholders to find information about current major projects.

In doing so, the Nation also aimed to increase the internal understanding of its culture, history, territory and achievements.


We were contracted to build the new website and ensure it showcased the Squamish Nation’s territory and major projects.

Goals for the project:

  • Educate government, industry proponents and community members about Squamish Nation history
  • Provide online resources for proponents to engage with Squamish Nation, including forms and procedures
  • Establish online presence for the Rights & Title department to share news, and showcase the department’s work and achievements

The platform was built to help tell and preserve the story of where the Squamish people came from by sharing stories of their ancestors, lands, culture and language.

Also, in order to encourage deeper user engagement by the Nation’s members, the content needed to be accessible and have an intuitive user interface.


Joyride 2.0: We developed a custom experience that takes the user on a guided tour through the website – making it a user friendly, immersive and dynamic experience. By interacting with the maps and timeline, listening to the traditional stories and reading about the latest project developments, visitors are encouraged to learn more about where the Squamish people come from, where they are today and what is on the horizon for the future.

Wander Mapping: This website leverages Squamish Nation GIS data to help inform the stories about the past/present/future activities happening across the territory within a geographic context.

Culture and History: We created a historical tour of Squamish Nation using maps, images and documents to highlight key moments in the Nation’s history. We also created video libraries containing footage of Squamish Nation territory and stories from elders and members to preserve them and educate visitors to the website.

“We will not be invisible on our own land. We must share our history.” – Chief Ian Campbell – Xàlek/Sekyú Siýam


Graphic design

Language recording


Film production

Digital mapping

Digital animation

Web design + development


Launching 2019

U Siyam